About Us

          Birthed in the aftermath of recent expansion in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries, our number one goal here at People’s Choice Brokers is to give more to our associates than we take from them! Simply put, we believe this will create a positive environment throughout our organization, and that this will translate into direct benefits to our retail end clients. We’re convinced that this positive environment and these benefits to our clients are unmatched by any other company in the entire Real Estate industry.

          Whether you’re new to Real Estate or if you’ve been in Real Estate for years, you know that as the market changes so must your business philosophy. Major market changes like these often force everyone to re-think sales strategies, and more times than not, provoke significant advancements in technology as well. As the Real Estate industry continues to evolve into a more sophisticated Business Profession, a company’s capacity to lead in this evolution, rather than to follow, will determine whether that company succeeds or fails.

          People’s Choice Brokers is a product of this changing environment, and in fact, we’re pioneering some of these changes! We believe that this business can and should be done better. So we have created a new way of “doing” Real Estate. What we’ve done is take the best from the brick and mortar business model, coupled that with the best the Online industry has to offer, mixed in plenty of revolutionary new philosophies, and produced what we believe to be is the most efficient and effective way of doing Real Estate.

          Rest assured, you’ll be quite impressed with what we have to offer. But know this, I’m not asking you take my word for it time will prove me right! I would truly be thrilled with the opportunity to discuss our business model with you. I hope you make the most of your day, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

David T. Bronson
People’s Choice Brokers